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Performance Standard

The performance standard regulates the quality of the service and establishes the performance parameters regarding:

Comprising elements of the electricity quality:

  • Continuity of electricity supply;
  • Technical quality of supplied electricity;
  • Commercial quality of supplied electricity.

Obligations of the Distribution Operator

  1. The Distribution Operator (DO) ensures the arrival of the intervention team in a minimum of time once notified by the consumer on the interruption of electricity supply, in order for an un-scheduled interruption (failure or malfunction) to be solved in nor more than:
    1. 12 hours in urban areas, under normal weather conditions;
    2. 24 hours in rural areas, under normal weather conditions;
    3. 72 hours in urban and rural areas, under special weather conditions.
  2. The DO shall not schedule during one year, for development and maintenance purposes, more than:
    1. 4 scheduled interruptions of maximum 12 hours each, in urban areas;
    2. 8 scheduled interruptions of maximum 16 hours each, in rural areas
  3. The DO shall notify the consumers of the scheduled interruptions, stating their estimated duration.
  4. The DO is entitled to interrupt the supply of electricity in the following situations:
    1. When life and health of people or the integrity of tangible assets is put at risk;
    2. To prevent or limit the extension of failures in the power equipment, in the electricity network areas or in the entire SEN;
    3. To perform operations and works that cannot be carried out without the interruption of the supply.
  5. Under normal exploitation circumstances, the actual average voltage value supplied in 95% of any period during a week shall not deviate over ± 10% from the contracted value for medium and high voltage and ± 10% from the nominal voltage for low voltage, meaning 230V in a monophase network and 400V in a triphase network.
  6. Regulated limits of frequency variation:
    1. 47,00 – 52,00 Hz in 100% of a year;
    2. 49,50 – 50,50 Hz in 99,5 % of a year.
  7. In the electric networks surges can occur, related to the ground, atmosphere or of commutation nature. Protection against surges must be set in place during the design phase, by the DO as well as by the consumer.
  8. Upon a consumer’s formal complaint on the quality of voltage curb, the DO shall carry out verifications in the delimitation point, analyze and notify the user of the results and measures to be taken.
    1. The standard time limit for responding to complaints regarding the voltage level is 15 calendar days, whereas for other parameters of the voltage curb, the time limit is 30 calendar days. If the complaint is not confirmed or the voltage curb level is caused by the user, the latter shall cover the DO’s expensed related to the verifications. The user shall be informed before the proceedings.
    2. The standard time limit for responding to formal requests regarding explanation of supply interruptions is 10 week days.


  • The Standard’s provisions are mandatory for all distribution operators.
  • All distribution operators must employ annual measures to improve the performance indicators and submit reports to ANRE concerning the accomplished performance of electricity quality, according to the standards.
  • The standard’s requirements related to the continuity of electricity supply and its technical quality represent minimal conditions provided to the consumers by the DO.
  • For unpredictible and uncontrollable events (micro-interruptions or failures that do not exceed 1 second), the DO is exonerated from liability. Consequently, the user shall take all necessary precautions.

Art. 15 (1). If a consumer presents the DO with a medical report from a specialist physician, approved by the family physician, stating that a person living at the consumer’s address requires life support through electrical devices, the DO shall:

  • Register the address as special utility, for humanitary reasons;
  • Take all necessary measures to avoid interruptions of supply
  • Provide the consumer with an emergency telephone number.

Consumers shall notify the DO immediately if the consumption place no longer needs to be treated as “special requirements” for humanitary reasons.

Art. 36 (1). The DO shall communicate (webcast, display at the headquarters) yearly the information related to the monitoring of continuity and commercial quality (appendices 1, 2, 3)

(2) As of the coming into effect of the current standard, the indicators shall be preserved on the website for further consultation for at least 5 years.

(3)  The DO shall preserve the necessary data for calculating the performance indicators for 7 years.

(4)  The DO shall communicate (webcast, display at the headquarters, media etc) the obligations stipulated in the performance standard, including the provisions of art. 15, appendix 4.

(5) The DO shall display on its website the objectives for the current year, by January 15 of every year.

(6) Appendices 1, 2 and 3 contain the data that shall be submitted by the DO to ANRE, regarding continuity, technical and commercial quality.

Art. 37 (1). As an exception to the present standard, during the experimental period, until December 31, 2008, the DO shall monitor and submit quarterly the data stipulated in appendices 1, 2 and 3.

(2) As of 2009, the data shall be submitted yearly, by the last quarter of the following year.

(3)  Until December 31, 2008, the DO shall monitor the cases of exceeded terms for compensations’ payment. The results shall be submitted to ANRE and displayed on the DO’s website.

(4) Compensations regulated in appendix 4 shall be paid starting 2009.

  • Electricity continuity indicators – appendix 1 of the Performance Standard (art. 36 pct. 1)
  • Monitoring long-duration interruptions – appendix 2 of the Performance Standard  (art. 36 pct. 1)
  • Commercial quality indicators (art. 36 pct. 1)
  • Compensations granted to users by the DO for failure to comply with time limits – appendix 4 (art. 36 pct.4)

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