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Wholesale market

Data exchange on the electricity wholesale market

Contact information for confirming the PRE aggregation formula: tel. 024-205231, fax 0264-205234, contact eng. Alin Nicoara.

Dead-line for confirming the PRE aggregation formula: 15th of every month.

Data exchange. Data validation.

30 licensed electricity suppliers operate in the Electrica Distributie Transilvania Nord branch area (in November, 2008), comprising over 750 eligible consumers.

The Distribution Operator (DO) undertakes several operations meant to ensure the fluency of the electricity market.

One of these operations is the monthly update of the Registru de Serviciu pe Sistem for “n+1″ month, containing the consumers’ migration from one supplier to another, after verifying the conclusion of distribution contracts that come into effect starting the following month. Given the fact that CN Transelectrica SA –OMEPA branch is responsible for notifying the Equilibration Parts regarding the source of the consumer, according to the ANRE (Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority)  Ordinance no. 21/2005, the DO will verify and confirm the Calculus Formula for Aggregated Consumption for every Supplier in PRE, at their request.

In order to comply with the regulations in the Commercial Code of Wholesale Electricity Market, chapter 14, the DO draws up and submits the monthly aggregated values of annual consumption for the current month, for verification and confirmation purposes. Following the confirmation, the report containing the values for each active PRE in Electrica Distributie Transilvania Nord, is sent to OPCOM.

Also, the DO draws up and submits a monthly notification to Transelectrica regarding the priority production of electricity from renewable sources by producers that are granted the “green certificate” support system, in order to meet the distribution operator’s responsabilities on the green certificate market.

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